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The Secret Language of Antique and Modern Jewelry

There is more to jewelry than you might at first imagine, that goes far beyond the metallic or mineral aspects of its physical beauty. Since ancient times lovers and mourners have given and worn precious metals and stones to convey sentiments of love, passion and remembrance.

Perhaps often unknown by the giver, certain arrangements of gems in jewelry are said to convey extra special meanings, many of whose origins have been lost in the mists of time. The Victorians, in particular, enjoyed jewelry that conveyed hidden meanings or words of endearment. For example, a bracelet or ring set with a Ruby, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst, Ruby and Diamond, would spell out the word "Regard", from the first letter of each gemstone.

These tables demonstrate some of the well established and traditional hidden messages that certain arrangements of jewelry represent.

 Plants and Flowers
 Forget me not  True love. Love in separation.
 Daisy  Innocence.
 Ivy leaves  Fidelity and marriage.
 Laurel leaves  Triumph. Love conquers all.
 Ferns  Sincerity.
 Lily-of-the-valley  Sweetness.
 Sweet pea  Goodbye.
 Lilac  First love emotions.
 Violets  Modesty.
 Poppy  Health and success.
 Yellow Poppy  Wealth and success.
 Rosebuds  The growth of love.
 Acorns  Life and immortality.
 Pansies  Think of me. Thought. Thinking of you.
 Miscellaneous Items
 Their Meanings
 A ring  A circle of love without end.
 Diamond  Forever. Forever love.
 Pearls  Innocence.
 Gold  Enduring love.
 Salamander  Fire. Passionate love.
 Butterflies  Psyche, the Greek goddess of the soul.
 Snowflake  Uniqueness.
 Fish  Wealth. Protection from evil.
 Clasped hands  Lasting love and friendship.
 Doves  The goddess Venus. Peace
 A bow  The Herculean knot. Strength.
 Rubies  Passion.
 Frog or lizard  Wedded bliss.
 Snake (when biting its tail)  Eternal love, forever recycling itself. Eternity.
 Anchor  Stability and balance.

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